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Technology, including video games, really is a gift

What would God think about all this technological change, like Pokemon Go and Snapchat? Would He want a Facebook account? One woman digs deep to find her answer.

The right way to talk about Trump vs. Clinton with your kids

Moms across the political spectrum weigh in on how to help kids navigate the dicey upcoming presidential campaign.

Iconic Tiffany & Co. signs first-ever celebrities for a bold new look

That little blue box feels more accessible than ever thanks to a striking new ad campaign featuring Elle Fanning, Lupito Nyong'o and more.

Most popular color in the world gets a brand new shade

It's called YInMn and this never-before-seen vibrant shade of blue could mean exciting new things for artists' work, or even the color of your next car.

Why I’m letting my kids play Pokemon GO (if they follow 6 rules)

Last week, I didn't know a Poke Ball from a Pikachu. But this week, as a mom with two young Pokemon Go fans at home,…

Is ‘Dabbing’ disrespectful, or did I miss the memo?

Is The Dab, the dance move that has become a new amusing fad at high school graduations, mean-spirited, just plain silly, or something else entirely?

Choir! Choir! Choir! breathes new life into pop songs and peoples’ lives

Move over flash mobs, there's a new group act in town. The Toronto-based choir "collective" is a powerful testament to what happens when strangers raise…

The surprising (and heartening!) reasons Millennials move home

It's not just about saving money or the burden of student loans. When a child moves home again, often something deeper is at work.

When Alicia Keys says #nomakeup she really means it

The In Common singer is doing so much more than just taking a selfie without makeup. She's going barefaced almost everywhere to help uncover her truth, and encourage others to do the same.

Vacation idea: let’s all go to adult summer camp

These recreational adult getaways prove you’re never too old for summer camp.

Stop saying you’re too old to do that

Too many of us are under the false impression that we've aged out of experiencing new things, challenging ourselves, or simply having fun. One writer explains why you're never too old to hop on a hog and ride cross-country.