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J.K. Rowling shows other celebrities how twitter is done

The billionaire Harry Potter author uses social media not just to connect with fans, but to support them.

Our 3 favorite YouTube videos by charming priest Mike Schmitz

Fr. Mike Schmitz, a dead ringer for actor Jon Hamm, tackles life's tough questions—like 'Can a Christian get a tattoo?'—on his video channel.

Photographer’s gorgeous snapshots of Down Syndrome kids will touch your heart

Photographer Rivka Singer started her project 'Looking Eyes' to honor children who are frequently overlooked or misunderstood.

Canadian viral video reminds America how great our country is (VIDEO)

Canada knows we're going through a tough time. So they put together a video care package to remind us that there is still a lot…

The public library: a haven of calm and hope for a better future (VIDEO)

In our digital age, we may take libraries for granted. This video of how a little girl migrant worker's life was transformed by a bookmobile…

8 national retailers close on Thanksgiving to put family first

The Mall of America, REI and several other major stores are opting to close on Thanksgiving to encourage family time, and give their employees a…

Cancer patient skips chemo to spend her time left on an epic road trip

At age 91, Miss Norma decided not to spend her last days in a hospital bed fighting death. Instead, she hit the road, and celebrated…

Watch ballet’s best dancers perform live for ‘World Ballet Day’ (VIDEO)

Need a break from all the politics and social media? Today's livestream, put on by the world's five leading ballet…

Bless our pets! St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day honors our other ‘brothers & sisters’

Animals aren't fun accessories (no matter how adorable they are.) They're living beings who deserve respect.…

The day I met Mother Teresa

As the Catholic Church declares the Missionaries of Charity founder a saint this Sunday, I'm flooded with powerful memories of my family's unforgettable encounter with her years ago.

Matthew McConaughey has a secret YouTube channel—but not for long (VIDEOS)

The superstar actor's astonishingly quiet home videos are spreading, and hopefully inspiring people to think about others and just keep livin'.

A world atlas of beauty (PHOTOS)

The first photographic encyclopedia of the women of the world helps illustrate our cultural diversity and natural charm.

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis’ surprisingly normal marriage

They're funny, they're frugal, and they're approaching marriage and parenthood in a surprisingly refreshing un-Hollywood way.

5 famous women who are standing up for their ‘different’ bodies

Whether you're athletic like Serena Williams, skinny like Emma Stone, or have a full figure like Adele, these celebrities have something to say to you.

Misty Copeland proves you don’t need an elaborate wedding

Copeland and longtime beau Evans tied the knot in an intimate setting on July 31, 2016. And there wasn't a tutu—or a paparazzo—in sight. Just…