Heaven in the kitchen sink

I wash about 20,000 dishes per day. Rough estimate. Our five children produce a veritable Mount Everest of dirty utensils, plates and cups.

The ‘love yourself first’ myth

Last year in her magazine, Oprah Winfrey advised us to ask ourselves two questions: "What do I have to do to get where I need to be?" and "How do I create the life I want?" In case you aren’t sure how to answer, she has that for us, too: “To…

Simple spiritual goals for a happier new year

Reading scripture is a habit I struggle with. I do well for a while, then go on vacation, or have my schedule interrupted.

13 baby names to honor Mary

You want to choose a name for your new baby that reflects what is most important to you—your faith. Don't worry about your little one getting lost in a crowd of Marys. These names inspired by the Virgin offer some extra personality and creativity.

Meditation when you can’t sit still

Many of us spend our days on a perpetual treadmill. Going from one thing to the next. The suggestion of slowing down to mindfully meditate might sound like an invitation to climb Everest. Note to inner self: it is worth the effort.