So Her!

Stella Tennant, the shining star at home

Her name fits her like a Chanel glove. Stella the star has had her very own meteoric rise in the fashion world. At 45, she is one of few models her age still working.

My faith is my treasure: interview with Isabelle d’Ornano

Isabelle d’Ornano has been on Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list for years. She is the embodiment of beauty, refinement, and achievement—all reflected in the global success of her French cosmetic brand, Sisley.

Grace Kelly: style icon

Those who knew actress Grace Kelly well knew her as a devoted mother and wife with a delightful sense of humor. To the world, Grace Kelly was and still is an immutable style icon.

Fall in love with fair trade fashion

It can be tempting to succumb to the lures of “fast” fashion, but some of those $10 sale-rack steals come at the expense of people working under unjust conditions. Now there are more ways than ever to support fair wages, safe environments, artists’ rights, and eco-friendly practices of production, without sacrificing a sense of style.

Beauty from brokenness

Michaela Evanow is a wild spirit, a creative woman who infuses her love of international travel and maternal health issues into her small business. Evanow, who trained as a doula, is also a grieving mother.

Note to self: letter-writing is good for you!

“C u ltr,” is an accurate reflection of my correspondence with friends and family lately. It’s often a short text that I’ve dashed off while doing something else. It’s full of acronyms, may unabashedly contain typos (and p.s. I’m a writer), and typically feels more to the point than wrapped…

Julia Roberts, a happy Oscar-winning super mama

She looks fabulous, does it all, and still cooks three meals a day for her children. At 48, Julia Roberts is teaching a new generation of women in Hollywood that real empowerment is being true to yourself.

Great texpectations

My mother, at the tender age of 70, would maintain she is au fait with texting. She has mastered all the texting shortcuts and added in a few of her own for good measure.

Linda Del Rio: helping athletes play with deeper purpose

Linda del Rio's faith has been the driving force not only behind her successful marriage and family life, but her desire to keep on giving to those less fortunate.