5 things I’ve learned as a mother from the mystics

Reading about St. Francis, Catherine of Siena, and other mystics helped me live more simply, shake off insecurities, and be a better mother to my kids.

A model mom’s secret to confidence

Veronica Webb has had a successful career as a super model and writer, but her confidence in life comes from a more unexpected place.

Gilmore Girls’ best mom-daughter moments

Gilmore Girls, a long-time fan-favorite, is finally returning with a new season on Netflix. Here: the eight mother-daughter moments that make us want to re-watch the show all over again.

Of teenagers & flight attendants

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. If I could have your attention for a few minutes ...” Predictably, the other passengers and I failed to look up when the flight attendant issued this request.

5 kids books with incredible life lessons

I rarely cried at books or movies until I became a mother. You could say it’s just the hormones raging through my body, but I think it’s more than that.

Stella Tennant, the shining star at home

Her name fits her like a Chanel glove. Stella the star has had her very own meteoric rise in the fashion world. At 45, she is one of few models her age still working.

10 beautiful picture books with moral lessons

If you have a young child you probably read picture books more than anything else (except, perhaps, Facebook). And if you’re like me, you’re tempted from time to time to steer your kids away from 'Elmo Can Use the Potty' to books that dig a little deeper to teach children…

Beauty from brokenness

Michaela Evanow is a wild spirit, a creative woman who infuses her love of international travel and maternal health issues into her small business. Evanow, who trained as a doula, is also a grieving mother.

Tuning into Taylor Swift

I was prepared for her first loose tooth, her first day of school, her first bike ride. But I wasn’t prepared to hear my 6-year-old daughter singing, Oh my God/Look at that face, you look like my next mistake/ Love's a game, wanna play?

Julia Roberts, a happy Oscar-winning super mama

She looks fabulous, does it all, and still cooks three meals a day for her children. At 48, Julia Roberts is teaching a new generation of women in Hollywood that real empowerment is being true to yourself.

Work-life balance: is it ever really possible?

Are we destined to spend our lives rushing from one thing to the next, never having enough time for family and leisure?