The surprising meaning of modesty

As a father, I want my daughters to learn modesty. But what is it, really?

Nighttime tips for your tired teen

Teenagers need their sleep more than any other age group. Here, the tools you need to help them get better rest at night and better grades during the day.

Not a model age for a child

The world's most famous child model has signed two modeling contracts, begging the question: Is this really the "perfect" life for a 10-year-old?

A model mom’s secret to confidence

Veronica Webb has had a successful career as a super model and writer, but her confidence in life comes from a more unexpected place.

Kids & food allergies: a new clue for prevention

New advances are deepening our knowledge of why our children develop allergies—and, down the road, how to prevent them in the first place.

Of teenagers & flight attendants

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. If I could have your attention for a few minutes ...” Predictably, the other passengers and I failed to look up when the flight attendant issued this request.

The perfectly imperfect family

Our yard is the embarrassment of the entire neighborhood. I gave up trying to grow grass a long time ago because our two boys insist on digging holes everywhere with their toy dump trucks.

7 unexpected gifts of homeschooling

I recently arrived home from work to eat lunch and was greeted by both of my sons, who were shirtless in the front yard hammering random nails into a board. Inside, the two older girls were curled up reading a novel and busily hand-crafting a new board game, respectively.

5 kids books with incredible life lessons

I rarely cried at books or movies until I became a mother. You could say it’s just the hormones raging through my body, but I think it’s more than that.

10 beautiful picture books with moral lessons

If you have a young child you probably read picture books more than anything else (except, perhaps, Facebook). And if you’re like me, you’re tempted from time to time to steer your kids away from 'Elmo Can Use the Potty' to books that dig a little deeper to teach children…

Heaven in the kitchen sink

I wash about 20,000 dishes per day. Rough estimate. Our five children produce a veritable Mount Everest of dirty utensils, plates and cups.

Tuning into Taylor Swift

I was prepared for her first loose tooth, her first day of school, her first bike ride. But I wasn’t prepared to hear my 6-year-old daughter singing, Oh my God/Look at that face, you look like my next mistake/ Love's a game, wanna play?