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Daylight Saving Time: When, where, and why

Changing the clocks and losing an hour of sleep can feel like a major inconvenience, leaving many people wondering ... why do we do it at all?

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The smartest way to pay off your debt: ‘Snowball’ it

This simple financial strategy, supported by the Harvard Business Review, is an easy and effective way to eliminate your debts.

Living a meaningful life is easier than you think

In an excerpt from her new book, 'The Power of Meaning,' Emily Esfahani Smith simplifies how to find purpose in your life.

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95-year-old Betty White’s best life advice

The birthday girl, born in 1922, has more than a sage word or two to share. Here: her top 13 pieces of advice.

3 tax tips to do now (not in April!)

Doing these simple tasks in January will make your life so much calmer when April 15 rolls around.

Get organized for 2017: 5 ways to teach your kids the virtue of cleanliness

Kid's rooms overflowing and out of control? Follow our tips from Becky Barnfather at Organizing Made Fun to get a better handle on the kid-clutter.

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Smart & stylish organizing tips for every room

Declutter your home with these clever solutions shared by interior designers and organizing pros.

100 life lessons from a 100-year-old woman

"When you brag about yourself, make it a doosie." And 99 other pearls of wisdom you'll absolutely love.

For Her Mobile App: Take a moment for beauty wherever you go

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3 ways to cultivate contentment in a world always striving for more

I couldn't stop cataloguing the flaws and "not enoughs" in my life, until I received an unexpected reality check.

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