Fashion History

How Audrey Hepburn defied the Oscars red carpet

Controversy at the Oscars isn't anything new ... even Audrey Hepburn couldn't stay away from it back in 1954.

The real story behind TOMS shoes

TOMS are so trendy because they have a simple but powerful idea behind them.

5 contemporary shoes with history behind them

Discover the origin of ballet shoes, clear sandals, and Converse sneakers.

Original sketches of Jackie Kennedy’s personal wardrobe emerge

... along with handwritten notes from the First Lady herself. Steal some of her style tips here.

A sneak peek into Princess Diana’s iconic wardrobe

Princess Di's royal style was an inspiration for many women: graceful, confident and colorful. Her fashion story will be on display in London soon, but you can get a first look here.

Marion Cotillard’s chic style evolution in 25 photos

The Allied actress, who turns 41 today, is the epitome of fashion elegance with French flare. Scroll through our favorite Marion outfits from her 20s, 30s and today.

Fashion loses an icon: Sonia Rykiel’s life & inspiration in 14 images (PHOTOS)

French fashion designer Sonia Rykiel, the 'queen of knitwear' and pioneer in elegant designs for 'women who want to confront…

Ralph Lauren unveils Olympic uniforms that will light the way for Team USA

Ralph Lauren debuted Team USA's 2016 Olympic uniforms complete with blazers, boat shoes and new light-up technology ... do you like the new look?

A visual history of women’s Olympic uniforms (1900–2016)

From full-length dresses to sparkly leotards, a lot has changed about women's Olympic uniforms over the last 116 years.

A peek into Her Majesty’s wardrobe

The Queen is renowned for paying attention to every detail of her clothing, and now we too can get to share in the wonders of her wardrobe.

Far from a ‘frivolous’ life

Ms. Edmonde Charles-Roux died last week in her hometown of Marseilles at the age of 95.

Grace Kelly: style icon

Those who knew actress Grace Kelly well knew her as a devoted mother and wife with a delightful sense of humor. To the world, Grace Kelly was and still is an immutable style icon.