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Who We Are

Aleteia For Her is an elegant, modern, inspirational online magazine for today’s truly feminine women. Our readers share strong values and a deep appreciation for the beauty in their relationships, home, work, and social life. The magazine offers content on all aspects of contemporary living through a visually stunning format and presentation, with the goal of helping them lead a fulfilling, balanced, and beautiful life while staying true to their Christian spirituality. Aleteia For Her readers leave our pages inspired, informed, having paused for reflection; always knowing they are comforted and supported in their life choices.

Our Mission

Aleteia For Her inspires today’s women to live a happy and beautiful lifestyle through an elevated, digital magazine experience. Our readers are interested in new fashions and trends, but always searching for what is truly enduring and lovely in their lives. From the latest designer looks, cultural trends, and relevant conversations, our pages celebrate all things feminine by offering recipes to help them enrich their relationships, nourish their souls, and stylishly express their unique selves to the world.

Pronounced Ah-le-tay-uh from the Greek meaning truth, the editors at Aleteia For Her are motivated by these five Christian-inspired “truths”:

For Her true beauty is attainable.
It’s natural, feminine, and radiates from within.

For Her values are beautiful.
They are our most important fashion accessory, completing the whole woman.

For Her life is joyful.
We always approach it positively, graciously, and with gratitude.

For Her family gives life meaning.
Making our loved ones happy is the greatest happiness.

For Her success is simple.
Give and you’ll receive tenfold.

What You’ll Find in Aleteia For Her:

A wide variety of topics that are important to women:

Discussions about how we live and thrive as part of a couple or in the single life, within a family, as a friend, and as a co-worker.

Conversations and advice about moms, dads, and the upbringing and education of their kids. Guidance and encouragement for a happy family and a fulfilled child.

Everything modern women need to know about looking and feeling beautiful. With inspiration from the red carpet to the latest street style, there is something to inspire every reader.

Inspiration for home decor, gardens and bouquets, travel tips, stylish and practical shopping advice, simple DIY, all to help readers create the ultimate chic home. Often with an elegant French touch!

So Her!
A truly modern forum with portraits of inspirational people, articles on the latest news and trends, and tips that inspire, inform, help, and support.

Conversation and reflection on faith, prayer, and vocations.

From body to mind and spirit, as well as alternative medicine.

Special features on what’s in and what’s out, a calendar of events, and the latest buzz on movies, music, books, and expositions.

Aleteia For Her

Founder and Publisher—Pierre-Marie Dumont

With a career including the position as CEO of Fleurus Mame, as well as his role as executive vice president of Média-Participations, Pierre-Marie Dumont is also the founder and publisher of Magnificat magazine.

International Editorial Director—Marzena Wilkanowicz-Devoud

Beginning her career as a correspondent for the Agence France Presse AFP in Warsaw, Marzena Wilkanowicz-Devoud went on to gain a wealth of experience in international women’s lifestyle media, founding Elle Poland and serving as editor-in-chief for 15 years. She also served on the editorial board for the Hachette Filipacchi group for eight years. Following her love of fashion, Marzena Wilkanowicz-Devoud joined Gosia Baczynska, the first Polish fashion house, where she was responsible for the brand’s international development, including Paris Fashion Week.

International Deputy Editor-in-Chief—Cynthia Dermody

Cynthia Dermody has been working for newspapers, magazines, and websites for more than 20 years. After starting her career as a newspaper journalist covering education and town government, she joined Reader’s Digest magazine as a research editor, and later a copy editor and a staff feature’s writer. She most recently served as managing editor of CafeMedia’s The Stir, a popular and fast-growing website for original articles and videos covering parenting, lifestyle, and entertainment for women.

International Art Director—Beata Misiewicz

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and then from Paris VIII in Paris in Plastic Arts, she went on to become fashion editor and deputy art director of Elle magazine for 13 years, and later at other high-end lifestyle magazines. She’s a digital designer for websites and cellphone applications, as well as the author of the Travel by Art application project.

International General Secretary—Caroline de Plas

E-mail: forhereditors@aleteia.org

Aleteia For Her
Editorial Team USA

Editor in Chief—Cynthia Dermody (cynthia.dermody@forher.aleteia.org)

Senior EditorNatalie van der Meer (natalie.vandermeer@forher.aleteia.org)

Photo EditorAurelie Jouan (a.jouan@forher.aleteia.org)

Copy EditorCerith Gardiner (cerith.gardiner@forher.aleteia.org)


Nancy Rones
(Marie Claire, Hearst Magazines, Teen, The Knot, McCall’s, Gruner & Jahr USA, Martha Stewart)

Ellen Willson Hoover
(Wall Street Journal, Martha’s Vineyard Magazine)

Lani Inlander
(Real Life Style, In Style, New York Magazine, Washington Post)

Nicole Pajer
(New York Times, Woman’s Day, Men’s Journal, Hemispheres, Rolling Stone)

Sarah Vanderveen
(Sojourners, author of Once by the Pacific: Laguna Beach in Poems and Pictures)

Stephanie Dennis
(Martha Stewart Living, Elle Decor)

Michael Rennier
(Dappled Things)

Marek Straszewski
fashion photographer (Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour)

Paul Asay
(Washington Post, Beliefnet, Plugged In)

P.J. Gach
(XOJane, BlogHer, Betty Confidential)

Stephanie Booth
(Marie Claire, Psychology Today, Real Simple, Shape, Parenting)

Krystyna Dwernicka
Parisian decorator and stylist (Elle, Elle Decoration)

Amy Peterson
(Christianity Today, Books & Culture, The Other Journal, Comment Magazine, Art House America)

Jennifer Grant
(Christianity Today, Whole-Hearted Living, MOMumental, Chicago Tribune, Love You More)

Danielle Centoni
(The Oregonian, Seattle Magazine, EatingWell)

D.L. Mayfield
(Christianity Today, Geez, McSweeneys, Conspire!, Christ in Pop Culture)

Caryn Rivadeniera
(Christianity Today)

Karen Beattie
(America, Christianity Today)

Kate Shellnut
(Christianity Today)

Antonia van der Meer
(author of Beach House Happy: the Joy of Living by the Water)

Ashley Jonkman
(Scary Mommy)

Cara Meredith
(She Loves magazine, The Mudroom)

Christina Kleehammer
(author of Catholics on Spotlight)

Cara Strickland
(Off the Page, Tales of the Cocktail, Let’s Talk Spokane)

Colleen Orme
(Beliefnet, Washingtonian, Northern Virginia Magazine)

Elizabeth Pardi
(Aleteia, CatholicMom.com)

Emily Gregor
(Woman’s Day, Divine Caroline)

Gina Dalfonzo
(editor of PointBreak.com, Dickensblog)

Jacob Field
(writer, historian, professor at University of Waikato in New Zealand)

Jessica Watson
(author of children’s book Soon and blogger of FourPlusAnAngel.com)

Katherine Webb
(Entertainment Cheat Sheet)

Micha Boyett
(author of Found: A Story of Questions, Grace & Everyday Prayer)

Veronika Kirchner
food stylist and photographer


Aleteia For Her Advertising, Marketing

Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy, Marketing, Revenue Officer—Jason Deal

Overseeing Aleteia’s efforts globally to develop and monetize audiences, Jason Deal manages product strategy, innovation, marketing, and various revenue models. Reporting to the chairman, he works with Aleteia’s board and investors to ensure the company is driving successfully towards its business and evangelical objectives.


86 Main Street

Suite 303

Yonkers, NY 10701

Press communication: jason.deal@aleteia.org

Aleteia For Her Content
Providing new content every day on a variety of lifestyle topics, with special attention to those that help women explore issues around their relationships with themselves, and others from a psychological and spiritual perspective.

Aleteia For Her Target Audience
Aleteia For Her appeals to women aged 25-55 years old who are inspired by strong values and appreciate the beauty surrounding them in their daily lives; within their relationships, homes, and work lives. Aleteia For Her readers embrace their families, yet they are still socially active. Through shared values and worldviews they feel strongly supported by their community—both physically and online. Their spirituality is important to them and helps define who they are. They have a keen interest in contemporary living and express their personalities through decor, food, fashion, and beauty. Aleteia For Her readers are determined to balance every part of their busy lives without having to sacrifice their families.

What is Aleteia?

Aleteia is a website seeking to evangelize and offer information on the Catholic Church, as well as to provide a Christian view on topics throughout the world. It has editions in six languages, has 8 million unique visitors per month, more than 150,000 newsletter subscribers, and almost a million Facebook followers. Aleteia has undergone a major restructuring in the past year under the leadership of the French media group Média-Participations, and has ambitious plans to launch a number of new products, including Aleteia For Her, in several countries and languages throughout the world.

Aleteia in ancient Greek signifies that which is shown, published, in truth. It is truthful information completely opposite to its two rivals, dissimulation and misinformation.
In its moral sense, Aleteia expresses fidelity, sincerity and loyalty. And at Aleteia, our journalists inform in a loyal and faithful manner, reporting just the proven facts without watering down or exaggerating, without covering up or manipulating. And if they do move away from the facts, they explicitly reveal their intentions in their comments and interpretations.
Furthermore, in the Gospels the term ‘Aleteia’ designates a word as being absolutely true, that we can trust in with certitude—in this case, the Word of God that revealed and incarnated itself for us men and for our salvation. As Jesus himself said: ‘Ego eimai e aleteia,’ or ‘I am the truth.’ And he said to Christians that they are blessed, ‘En te aleteia,’ in the truth.
From this evangelical perspective, Aleteia’s mission consists of publishing the truth of God, man, and of their relationship to the four corners of the internet. And just as to convert is ‘to reach an understanding of the truth,’ Aleteia has an important mission in the work of the new evangelization. – Pierre-Marie Dumont, Founder and Publisher