What’s in, what’s out: Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos, Gilmore Girls, & super-yawns

Can’t keep up with what’s in fashion? Check out our handy chart of what’s trending and what’s totally passé.

President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos delivers a speech next to his wife Maria Clemencia Rodriguez after being awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in Bogota on October 07, 2016.


What’s in:

The Nobel Peace Prize.Today, one of the record 376 nominees in contention was awarded this prestigious honor. Congratulations to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos! Curious about who the other contenders were? Shhh, it’s a secret—rules dictate that nominees can’t be revealed until 50 years after the Prize.

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA – OCTOBER 07: President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos (R) delivers a speech next to his wife Maria Clemencia Rodriguez (L) during a press conference after being awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize at Casa de Narino in Bogota, Colombia on October 07, 2016. (Photo by Daniel Garzon/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos delivers a speech next to his wife after being awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in Bogota on October 07, 2016. Daniel Garzon | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

What’s out:

Plastic shopping bags.A study by Cardiff University found that roughly 90 percent of people in England bring along their own reusable grocery bags when shopping instead of resorting to the plastic version. Kudos, UK! And in France it’s au revoir le sac plastique, since July, the single-use plastic bag has been banned.

plasrtic bag


What’s in:

Teacher appreciation.Calling all teacher’s pets! Tuesday was World Teachers’ Day, encouraging everyone to thank the educators who make such a huge impact in our lives. You hear that, teachers? You’re the best.

Teacher and student

What’s out:

Brain-training games.Save the apple for your teacher and not that brain-training app you’ve been using—as it turns out, brain-training games do little to improve actual cognition in daily life.


Social media

What’s in:

Clandestine convos. Facebook has officially launched Secret Conversations, an encryption feature for Messenger chat apps that keeps your digital dialogue with your friends top secret. So if you’re texting with your mom about her health problems or your husband about the checking account, you can rest assured those messages are for your eyes only.


What’s out:

Public profiles.Could there be a mass celebrity exodus in store for Twitter? This week alone, Chrissy Teigen made her profile private and Demi Lovato announced she was taking a Twitter-moratorium.

Chrissy Teigen


What’s in:

R&R … &B.As in, rock & roll & blues. Rolling Stone just announced that, for the first time in a decade, they’ll soon be dropping a studio record. A cover of classic blues music, “Blues & Lonesome” will also feature bluesy rock icon Eric Clapton.

Rock era

What’s out:

Solo tours.Country music’s royal couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, announced they’d be syncing up in the New Year. The Soul2Soul World Tour 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of their Soul2Soul II Tour—the highest-grossing country tour of all time. And now, we wait—for this duo, we’d gladly pay twice the admission price.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill


What’s in:

Tarsiers.In the family, that is! Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis recently sequenced and analyzed this tiny carnivorous primate’s genome and found they are distant cousins to humans.


What’s out:

Bigfoot.Both literally and figuratively. Let me explain—thanks to a clip from a wildlife camera mounted near an eagle’s nest, social media is convinced Bigfoot has come out of hiding. However, experts don’t consider the video “compelling evidence.”


Mother Nature

What’s in:

Baby Great Whites.An OCEARCH expedition has established that the waters just off Long Island’s Montauk Point are a “nursery.” If this strikes you as simultaneously cute and terrifying, well, you’re not alone.

What’s out:

Hurricane Matthew.Having already wreaked havoc in Haiti and the Bahamas, Hurricane Matthew is barreling down the Eastern seaboard and causing millions of mandatory evacuations (including yours truly). Head back out to sea, will ya, Matt?

Hurricane Matthew

Geostationary imagery of Hurricane Matthew. United States Naval Research Laboratory | Wikipedia

Pop culture

What’s in:

Luke at Luke’s Diner.Gilmore Girls’ fans must have thought they took a wrong turn and wound up in Star’s Hollow when Scott Patterson—who played Luke in the beloved (and soon-to-be rebooted) series—showed up at a Luke’s Dinerpop-up in Beverly Hills.

What’s out:

Luke’s Diner pop-ups.Fans clamoring to get to one of the 200 Luke’s Diner pop-up coffeehouse conversions around the country were less than impressed. Can we get a real-life Luke’s, please, and thank you?


What’s in:

Selena-inspired makeup.Fans were lined up around the block at MAC stores this week to be the first to get their hands on a new line of makeup paying homage to the late singer Selena Quintanilla.

Selena Quintanilla

What’s out:

24/7 makeup.Following in the footsteps of singer Alicia Keys, celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Today’s Tamron Hall are giving their faces a break from makeup. While we’d never begrudge anyone their lipstick, it’s great that more women are feeling free to go bare-faced.

Alicia Keys


What’s in:

Super-yawns.Do your yawns seem to last forever? In addition to being tired, you may be incredibly intelligent, too. A new study suggests that the bigger a mammal’s yawn, the bigger and more neuron-rich their brain in.


What’s out:

Skimping on sleep.If you’re looking for an excuse to log morezzz’s, look no further—new research indicates that because the female brain is more complex than men’s, their brains work harder (hello, multi-tasking). As such, we need more sleep.



What’s in:

Longer lives.Science shows that life expectancy has increased by 10 years across the globe over the past three decades or so, thanks largely to more effective treatment for infectious diseases.

Longer lives

What’s out:

Immortality.At least in our earthly forms, that is— new research suggests that there is a limit to how long people can live, and they figure that age to be around 115 years.


What’s in:

Another way to treat migraines.Researchers have found that chiropractive spinal manipulative therapy (CSMT) could significantly reduce migraine days. Take that, brain pain!

Big Headache

What’s out:

Jetlag.If you love to log frequent-flier miles but hate the way it makes you feel, you might need to tweak your meal plan. Regulating meals on the day following a long flight alleviates the symptoms of jet lag, according to science.


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