Twitter takes: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve given up for Lent?

Fast food, hot showers, and … complaining about a lack of fast food and hot showers!

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Ash Wednesday is upon us, and if you’re like me, you are still scrambling to find that perfect thing to give up for the Lenten season.

There’s the usual fasts people tend to undertake: ice cream, fast food, etc, but if you’re like me, you’re in search of something a little more …interesting. Something that will take your penance and holiness to the next level over the upcoming 40 days.

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To get some ideas, we took to the corners of Twitter, and the responses we received were (as usual) both inspiring and silly:

1. Ever consider an iPod Shuffle?

2. When you can’t even complain about how hard Lent is

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3. Because they stick to your eye lids!

4. When you go #FullCommitCan’tSit for Lent

5. Not just giving something up, but doing something good

6. But … it’s supposed to be a three second stop

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7. Just when you needed to buy a new coat!

8. Let’s face it, swapping in something good is hard

9. Dear God, let this Arby’s not have a drive-thru

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10. It’s Friday, how about a veggie pizza? Um …

11. When you go Catholic … go big

12. Definitely the best thing anyone could ever give up for Lent, totally great idea


Time is running out for you to figure out what you are going to give up this year. Hopefully the ideas listed above will give you some inspiration to give up something unique, interesting, and fun.

Happy Lent!

Tommy Tighe
Tommy Tighe
Tommy Tighe is a Catholic hipster, husband and father. You can follow him on Twitter @theghissilent.

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