Twitter takes: What’s your most irrational fear?

Our irrational fears are kind of funny when said out loud; Anatidaephobia (fear of water fowl), ammophobia (fear of quicksand), and … what’s the one for ordering a pizza?

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We all have fears.

From spiders to heights to the dark, phobias seem to be one of the few things that bind the human family together, one of the few things we can all connect with on a deep level. Admittedly, most of our fears are irrational. We most likely aren’t going to get bit by a poisonous spider, fall off of a tall building, or have much of anything happen in the dark that wouldn’t be equally as likely with the lights turned on.

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Despite recognizing the irrationality of our thinking, we sure seem to hang on to some weird fears. So we took the Catholic corners of Twitter to found out some of the most bizarre and irrational phobias out there … but you don’t have to be afraid to read on:

1. Pop goes the weasel!

2. Because a human might pick up

3. On the bright side, you’ll save 15 minutes by not talking to Geico

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4. That feeling when you’re totally busted …

5. The surprising phobia mentioned more than all the rest:

6. That must make run-ins with the tooth fairy awkward

7. Most people love butterflies, but every rule has an exception

8. Probably one of the most terrifying places on earth

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9. Now we’re talking!

10. This is probably the best list we saw

11. There’s no shame in borrowing your kid’s nightlight

12. Sometimes the most intense fears creep very, very slowly

13. When you do the right thing, but someone might say you didn’t

14. Whatever you do, don’t carry a loaf of bread by the pond

15. Someone has watched Princess Bride too many times

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In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus said, “Do not be afraid,” but I doubt he ever faced quicksand, and I don’t remember a single account sharing the way he reacted around a swarm of creepy moths.

Fears are about as human as anything else, and sometimes the only thing that helps us feel normal about our fears is hearing the irrational fears of others!

What are some of your most bizarre fears? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook.

Tommy Tighe
Tommy Tighe
Tommy Tighe is a Catholic hipster, husband and father. You can follow him on Twitter @theghissilent.

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