Twitter takes: what was your favorite St. Valentine’s Day gift?

A 4-in-1 screwdriver, an avocado, and … ammo? Some favorite gifts from St. Valentine’s days gone by.

Marija Mandic | Stocksy United

With St. Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, spouses everywhere are scrambling to find that perfect gift to show just how much they appreciate their beloved partner. We’re constantly barraged by commercials telling us they want pajamas, roses, and giant boxes of mediocre chocolate. But what do they really want? We took to the corners of Twitter to get some ideas, and the response was as helpful and hilarious as we’d hoped:

If those memorable gifts don’t get your creative juices flowing, nothing will. It seems as though it you want your spouse to remember this year’s Valentines Day gift for the rest of their lives, it might be best to go with a simple, practical option … or ammo, that’ll be something they remember forever as well, apparently.

Tommy Tighe
Tommy Tighe
Tommy Tighe is a Catholic hipster, husband and father. You can follow him on Twitter @theghissilent.

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