Tim Tebow reveals his life’s purpose (it’s not sports!) (VIDEO)

What the 29-year-old Mets outfielder told reporters about real accomplishment is something all of our kids should hear.

Former NFL football star turned baseball rookie Tim Tebow recently explained how bringing a little bit of hope and love to the world is so much more meaningful than having your name on the scoreboard. The 29-year-old surprised the press (and maybe a whole load of sports fans) when answering a question on how he juggles his career and charity work.

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In less than two minutes, the sports star not only puts life in perspective when he talked of those who are really suffering around us, but told the world that sport is “not my biggest purpose, it’s not my biggest calling.”

Tebow went on to talk of the legacy he wants to leave behind him and it has nothing to do with trophies, sporting records or a number on a sports jersey. In fact it is something we can all aspire to; even those of us who can’t catch a ball. It’s about looking out for each other. Just take a look at the short interview above to be inspired.

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Once again Tebow’s proved how sportsmen can be the real idols we want for our kids and ourselves. Yes, to achieve sporting prowess takes dedication and commitment, but these same skills can be put to the greater good as well.

Cerith Gardiner
Cerith Gardiner
Cerith Gardiner was born in London and has been living in Paris for 14 years. She spends her time working as an English consultant, acting as taxi driver to her four children, and wondering if she'll ever be as stylish as the French.

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