Tim Tebow, work burnout & neighborly love: The most talked about articles this week

The 8 articles everyone was talking about this week. Grab some tea and enjoy!

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No phones in the bedroom!

Why you shouldn’t hurry love: the joy of slow sex. What do you touch more often, your husband or your smartphone? It’s good to be more tactile in the bedroom.

Live off the land

10 smart eating lessons from our great-great-grandparents: Living (and eating) more simply, like elder generations did, still makes sense today.

Like a hamster in a wheel

Burnout at work: how to like your job again. About 40 percent of U.S .workers say they are stressed out—are you one of them? Here’s what you can do about it.

Let’s learn to appreciate more, not less

Minimalism may not be the ticket to happiness we think it is: Maybe we need to start loving our possessions even more?

Best prom date ever!

Tim Tebow’s prom project promotes a more inclusive Valentine’s Day: The athlete’s A Night to Shine initiative makes us weak in the knees.

All is fair in love and chores

Why I divide domestic responsibilities with my husband … unequally

You can skip the bunny ear lesson, just show them this

5-year-old’s brilliant tutorial actually makes shoelace tying easier (VIDEO): Sweetest little boy captivates the world with a shoe-lace tying method he learned from a friend.

Love thy neighbor

Hollywood actor’s remarkable gesture for sick, elderly neighbor inspires us all: 31-year-old Chris Salvatore is setting a beautiful example of what it means to truly respect our elders.

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Liz Smith
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