The only New Year’s Eve cocktail & mocktail recipes you need

Plus a two-minute trick to make your champagne glasses extra sparkly. Cheers to 2017!

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Whether you’re hosting a big bash to watch the ball drop, or you’re just hanging out in your home with your loved ones on New Year’s Eve, these drink recipes (with cute DIY embellishments) will lend a celebratory mood to your gathering. Kate Albrecht, co-founder of the Mr. Kate blog shows you how to await the arrival of midnight in style with a non-alcoholic lavender lemonade and a prosecco-coconut bellini.

The instructional video below will walk you through Kate’s recipes step by step, but if you are prepping last minute or don’t have the patience for her full recipes (the lavender and honey mixture must be prepped overnight for the lemonade), we recommend taking note of just this one simple trick: flip your empty champagne glasses upside down and dip the rims in white icing. Then dip the frosted rims in white sanding sugar so that the sugar sticks to the icing like a coating. When you flip the glasses over: voila! You’ll have stunning, sparkling rims that look as festive as the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball, and taste amazing, too.

Excited for your first sip of 2017? Just watch the instructional video below:

Natalie van der Meer
Natalie van der Meer
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