Need a hug? ‘Loubie’ the golden retriever can make it all better (PHOTOS)

Sometimes we discover our angels in the most unexpected places.

Left: Louboutina hugging a pedestrian. Little_blind | Instagram. Right: Louboutina and his "dad". Ronichas | Instagram

We all encounter someone from time to time who looks like they could use a hug. Well, Louboutina, a NYC golden retriever, is adorably doing something about that. “Loubie,” as she’s affectionately called, “has a special knack for spotting the humans who could really use a hug, and the pup isn’t shy about saddling up to offer her affection.”

The five-year-old canine’s prime area for offering her snuggles is “on 5th Ave. and 14th St., hanging out with her owner, Cesar.” He claims Loubie picked up hand holding a few years ago and before long, she was engaging in full-on embraces.

The cuddly pup is quickly racking up fans on social media since, let’s face it, who could resist witnessing her spreading love to strangers? Check her out doing what she does best in the pictures below, and follow her on Instagram. We want a dog!

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Elizabeth Pardi
Elizabeth Pardi
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