In case you missed it: The most talked about articles this week

We know things get busy. So, in case you didn’t get all of your reads in this week, we’ve picked the most popular articles to get you up to speed.

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Check our top articles of the week while you’re relaxing on the couch or heading out of town for the weekend, and get all the reading you need before the new week to come:

She said what?!

10 additions to Lauren Conrad’s list of what ‘never to say to a pregnant woman.’ This list includes comments from the mildly annoying to the downright rude!

Your new ‘normal’ mom-body is perfect

Peta Murgatroyd shares her beautiful, normal post-baby body: The DWTS dancer hopes her bathroom selfie ‘looking 5 months pregnant’ will inspire other mothers to accept their new normal.

‘In sickness and in health

A woman named Johanna is allergic to her husband, but won’t give up on her marriage. This couple is putting so many of their vows to the test.

Never forgotten

A pendant matching Anne Frank’s was discovered at a Nazi camp site: This little triangle treasure tells a big, human story.

Just Dance!

Busy commuters stop everything to dance with strangers in NYC subway: But honestly, we don’t need to organize a dance-off to make the effort toward others.

No regrets

Nicole Kidman loves children & wishes she had more: The actress doesn’t like the word ‘regrets’ and she has none, but does wish she had ‘two or three’ more children.

It’s not too late to change your life

What do the dying regret the most? It’s not too late to change your life: Can you prepare for the death of a loved one? It’s difficult. But you can prepare for your own death by really living. “It is worth it, so that later, before you die, you don’t regret anything,” writes Australian author Bronnie Ware.

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