Meryl & Donald, marriage & kids on social media: The most talked about articles this week

Didn’t have time to get all of your reads in this week? We’ve picked the most popular articles to get you up to speed.

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Sometimes we just need to breathe

Meryl Streep, Donald Trump & I’m just so tired of it all (VIDEO): When the fighting and divisiveness gets me down, there’s a video that always cheers me up.

Cohabitation tells you nothing about your future marriage

‘Marriage isn’t a car that needs to be test driven’: Because there is no way to test out a marriage before you’re actually in one.

The men of Hollywood are stepping up

Ryan Gosling’s ‘my lady’ speech points to a new generation of Hollywood men: Gone are the days of playboy glamour. This is the era of the family man.

Love isn’t always ‘fair’

Why I’m not afraid to love my husband more than he loves me: Loving my husband without expectations attached isn’t weak or stupid.

The Obamas’ greatest legacy to us: their marriage

President Obama’s farewell speech last week highlighted that marriage is the glue that holds our society, and our world together.

Parents: think before you hit ‘send

Kate Hudson’s birthday post to son teaches 3 lessons about kids & social media: Three questions to ask yourself before you hit return on those posts about your kids.

A wedding is a moment. Marriage is your whole life.

Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, lanterns, doves, drones, and white carpets—what do you really need for the perfect ceremony? One thing: the liturgy.

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Liz Smith
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