Kenyan couple’s humble wedding was perfect, not lacking (PHOTOS)

Less is more when it comes to weddings, too.

Wilson Mutura hugging is wife Ann Wambui after the wedding celebration, Kenya, January 2017. Photo courtesy of Prince Jasper Ojwach

The majority of couples planning a wedding in our culture today will, at some point, forget the primary point of all their preparation. The beauty of the sacrament of marriage will be overshadowed by such endeavors as the search for the perfect venue, finding the most picturesque decorations and attire, and of course, finalizing the guest list, photographer, and honeymoon arrangements, to name a few. While all these things are, of course, important, too often they cause couples to lose sight of the sacred union they are about to enter for the remainder of their lives. First and foremost, a wedding should be about one concept: a man and woman becoming husband and wife.

The nuptials of one couple in Kenya, 24-year-old Ann Wambui and her new husband, 26-year-old Wilson Mutura, reflected this concept in a beautifully simple way. In order to conserve money, they only spent money on their rings. The wedding itself took place without all the hype of a grand celebration, with both of them dressed casually in T-shirts. “They chose to do their wedding like that because of their financial position,” Pastor Ojwach, who officiated the ceremony, explained in a Splendor Magazine article. “They did not just wake up on a Sunday and decide to be joined together,” he added. “They have been in a relationship for three years now.”

When word got around that this young couple had been married under such simple circumstances, several companies decided to provide wedding packages to make up for what their humble ceremony apparently lacked. As a result, the Muturas are receiving a fully sponsored wedding celebration package, an all-expenses paid honeymoon, and a complimentary photo-shoot complete with a makeup artist.

The couple getting ready for their photo-shoot. Photo courtesy of Prince Jasper Ojwach
The couple at their wedding celebration. Photo courtesy Prince Jasper Ojwach
The newlywed couple receiving a honeymoon package with Pastor Ojwach. Photo courtesy of Prince Jasper Ojwach
Ann and Wilson Mutura with Pastor Ojwach. Photo courtesy of Prince Jasper Ojwach


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Of course, what these companies did was very generous, and it’s great that the couple will have a chance to celebrate their union in a way they never would on their own. They will relish their romantic time together on the complimentary honeymoon and cherish the beautiful photos that result from the photo-shoot. But why would anyone look at the photos of the wedding and think that the day was anything but perfect just the way it was?

Their marriage as it originally took place was not at all lacking because it was without these materialistic things. Au contraire. It was a refreshingly authentic view of the marital union in its simplest form: A man and woman forever joined by God as one. There is no party splendid enough, honeymoon blissful enough, nor photograph flawless enough to add or take away from that sacred oneness.

Elizabeth Pardi
Elizabeth Pardi
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