Jamie Lynn Spears turns to the Bible after daughter’s accident

The singer inspired her Instagram followers with a beautiful page from her daily devotional.

Jamie Lynn Spears and her daughter Maggie. Jamie Lynn Spears | Instagram

After a terrifying experience last week, Jamie Lynn Spears is evidently basking in spiritual peace. The 25-year-old singer’s daughter, Maddie, was involved in an ATV accident that left her underwater for two minutes. As a result of the disaster, the eight-year-old was in the hospital for a week and thankfully returned home on Friday to continue her successful recovery.

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The following day, Jamie Lynn shared on Instagram the uplifting page from her daily devotional. Fittingly, the day’s inspiration included two Bible verses encouraging gratitude and joyfulness, even in the midst of troublesome or uncertain times.

February 11th 🙏🏻 #JesusAlways 🙏🏻

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Speaking from Christ’s perspective, it reads, “The way to rejoice at all times is to find moment-by-moment pleasure in your relationship with Me … This relationship is so full of comfort and encouragement that it’s possible to be joyful in hope even when you’re in the midst of adversity.”

Maintaining a spirit of joy, especially when our loved ones are in danger, is tremendously difficult. Jamie Lynn’s beautiful devotion assures us that it is possible, nonetheless. And since it’s joy we’re all naturally after, the page also encourages us to thank Jesus “in all circumstances,” even difficult ones, because, as the piece concludes, doing so “strengthens your relationship with Me and helps you live more joyfully!”

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It doesn’t appear that Jamie Lynn has any trouble remembering to be grateful, though. When she alerted her Instagram followers on Friday of Maddie’s happy homecoming, she thanked the emergency responders and medical staff, adding, “Above all else we are so thankful for each and every prayer, because we know that is what truly made the difference. Thank you again to everyone. We are truly blessed.”

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