Husbands, love your wives before it’s too late!

American columnist and author Cal Thomas shared a touching plea on his Facebook page after losing his wife of 51 years.

Charlotte Ray Thomas and Cal Thomas. Right: Cal Thomas | Fox News. Left: Cal Thomas | Facebook

Amidst the tragedy of losing a spouse, one of the things the surviving husband or wife often wonders is whether or not they expressed enough love and appreciation for their beloved while they were still able to. Cal Thomas, widely known American columnist and author, touchingly made it clear that he could rest assured of his recently deceased wife’s knowledge of his deep love and gratitude for her. According to Cal Thomas’ essay tribute to her in The Washington Times, he wrote in a Facebook post:

“I am glad my wife as she prepares to meet her Savior has known of my love for her and how valuable she has been to me.”

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Thomas’ wife, Charlotte Ray, or “Ray” as he affectionately called her, sadly passed away almost two weeks ago at 78 years old due to multiple health conditions. Cal and Ray shared a devoted marriage of 51 years, raising four children together and enjoying 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Thomas’ wife was the apple of his eye, which he made clear in writing:

“I can say without embellishment I would not be the man I am today without her. God knew what He was doing when He put us together.”

What’s particularly moving about Thomas’ fond remembrance of Ray is how he is simultaneously urging husbands to cherish their own wives before it’s too late. His Facebook post opened with the words: “Men, love your wives.” He went on to encourage them:

“Don’t wait until they are about to be taken from you before you realize what they have contributed to your life. Love them now so you have no regrets at the end.”

An absolutely crucial aspect of a thriving marriage is a husband and wife’s sincere expression of affection and gratitude for one another. After more than half a century of matrimony with the love of his life, Thomas is well aware of this and he’s admirably making the effort to impart this wisdom to other husbands.

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It can often feel difficult, perhaps impossible, for spouses to express respect or love for each other, particularly in the midst of conflict. But often in marriage, feelings ought to be set aside for the sake of what our loved one needs from us at the moment:

“Love today is seen as a feeling. But real love is a commitment, a covenant. That’s why most of us take marriage vows instead of make promises.”

Sometimes expressing true gratitude for a spouse requires looking above the day-to-day monotony of life to examine how they’ve contributed to our physical, emotional and spiritual prosperity. But when we’re able to do this—to focus on all the good our spouses have brought to our existence—and genuinely believe we are better in this life because of them, we will echo Thomas’ own words about his wife:

“To love and be loved by someone like that for so long is a gift of great value.”

Elizabeth Pardi
Elizabeth Pardi
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