Hearty vegetarian meals to nourish meat-lovers during Lent

Looking for some yummy meatless recipes? We’ll be featuring a few every week in honor of Lent!

Thai Red Curry with Vegetables. Photo courtesy of Cookie + Kate. Vegan Pinto Bean Tacos. Photo courtesy of The Fit Blog

We can hardly believe it, but the Lenten season is already upon us (which means Easter is just around the corner)!

But before we get to chocolate-bunny season, we have a long way to go, including fasting days, giving up comforts, and meatless days. Those things aren’t easy to do (and they’re not supposed to be), especially if you have some big meat eaters in the family. Not sure how you’ll sustain everyone’s appetites over Lent? We’ve got you covered.

WE RECOMMEND: Healthy meals that comply with Lent fasting rules

Every week, we’ll be sharing our favorite, hearty and delicious recipes to get you and your family through all the fast days this year. Here are two tasty, healthy, and, yes, vegetarian meals to nourish your family as we kick off Lent. Enjoy!

Vegan Pinto Bean Tacos

Photo courtesy of The Fit Blog

If you’re looking for something to really fill you up, beans are a great place to start. Not only do they offer plenty of health benefits, but they’re a great source of protein.

Christel at The Fit Blog focuses on nutritious recipes that are fit for active lifestyles, and this recipe is perfect for those looking for some long-lasting food fuel. Add a marinated white fish to the recipe to pack in even more protein, if you need it. To whip it up this week, read the complete recipe here.

Thai Red Curry with Vegetables


Photo courtesy of Cookie + Kate

One way to forget the fact that your meal is indeed without meat is to pump up the flavor. Rich, decadent spices and complex flavors make this dish something you’ll want to eat, even if you’re not fasting for Lent!

Kate from Cookie + Kate mainly cooks with whole foods, and almost everything she does is vegetarian, so her blog is a fantastic resource for this holy season. Her recipe isn’t just vegetarian, but vegan and gluten-free as well, and it looks absolutely divine.

Pair your curry with a side of brown or white rice, and you’ve got yourself a tasty, healthy and colorful family meal that’s better than takeout! Get the full recipe here.


Ashley Jonkman
Ashley Jonkman
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