Heart Smart, Commitment, & The Bachelor: The most talked about articles this week

We know things get busy. So, in case you didn’t get all of your reads in this week, we’ve picked the most popular articles to get you up to speed.

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Family, love, and happiness

This photo series, published weekly on Instagram, a simple must-see. Mother Dominique Davis poses in matching outfits with her daughters, and teaches them lessons on what family, love, and happiness really look like.

Oreos, tuna sandwiches, kielbasas and … dirt?

Twitter takes: What’s your weirdest pregnancy craving? 11 mothers spill their craziest desires.

It’s time to take care of your heart

Start February off right with these five healthy (and easy!) steps to a stronger heart.

The make-or-break commitment question

The turning point of my marriage rested on one push-all-chips-in question: My husband had alreasy answered ‘yes,’ and now it was my turn.

Watch TV with the sound off

Why you should watch ‘The Bachelor’ with the sound turned off: If you think watching “The Bachelor” is just harmless fun, try this sociology experiment at home.

What really matters in the bedroom?

How to overcome your insecurities during sex: You don’t need toned arms and a flat tummy to bring your lover joy in the bedroom, or feel sexy.

7 surprising ways to stay happy

These counter-intuitive suggestions are the keys to a happy life: As the saying goes, “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

God is more present in film than we realize

Oscar films that literally have a prayer: Are this year’s nominations a hint that Hollywood gets how much religion matters?

A homeless bride’s Cinderella shoe story

While handing out food to the homeless, one woman shyly told me she had “a girl problem.”

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