A 100-year-old’s superb advice for ‘How to talk to old people’ (VIDEO)

Don’t know what to say to a senior? Grandma Eileen’s got you covered with some smart and funny do’s and don’ts.

Don’t know what to say to your elderly neighbors and senior family members? Sometimes, even when we want to connect with the elderly, we can feel awkward or like we’re saying the wrong things. But here’s a little secret: All you really need to know is this advice from this lively 100-year-old grandmother named Eileen.

Eileen’s grandson, Mike Matthews, has an entire Youtube channel devoted to his grandmother, featuring her sage and witty advice. Leading up to her 100th birthday, Mike and Eileen took to the Internet to answer questions sent in by Youtube users using the hashtag #AskEileen, and the answers aren’t always what you’d expect from such a seasoned older lady. Her responses are surprising, thoughtful, hilarious, smart, sweet and, well … we could go on.

On January 10th, Eileen celebrated a big milestone: her 100th birthday. So she and Mike made a new charming video, which has already received over 1 million views on Facebook. In it, she encourages people to speak to their elderly friends and family no differently than they would speak to someone who’s 30 (or even 70!) years younger than she is. Instead of asking the same boring old questions about age, she encourages younger generations to go deeper, and ask things about her love life and hobbies, her thoughts on today’s youth, her dating advice, and more.

The best part of this video (besides when she says her favorite “cuss word”) is how full of gratitude and joy Eileen is, saying that each night she thanks God for her day, even if it’s been a “rotten” one. She’s truly achieved something special in her long life—the ability to choose happiness in whatever life throws her way.

Eileen is sharp as a tack and full of sass, reminding us all that it doesn’t matter what age we are, we all have a 20-year-old brain on the inside. Eat a big piece of cake for us, Eileen, you deserve it! We wish you another happy and healthy year of your lovely life.

Ashley Jonkman
Ashley Jonkman
Ashley is a freelance writer and editor. She lives with her husband, two sons and two rambunctious dogs in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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