Fuss-free beauty: The only 5 tips you need for Valentine’s Day

Simple tricks for busy ladies who don’t like a lot of makeup, but want to look great on February 14th.

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Whether you’ve been in a relationship for years or months, February 14th is the date for every couple—an annual excuse to call the babysitter or leave work early, and spend some alone time with your special someone—ah, romance!

But it’s also a Tuesday. And you’re busy. Like so busy that maybe you forgot it was February until you read this article. So busy that, though the thought of a nice dinner out sounds wonderful, the idea of dressing up for it feels more like a to-do than a sexy indulgence.

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Of course you want to look nice, it’s just that you don’t need the stress of trying to learn an entirely new makeup look from Youtube. (That’s how you end up with an unintentional Bridget Jones-like makeup fail.) Plus, you want to look like you.

So just follow these five simple beauty tips to feel beautiful without going overboard on pricey makeup or precious minutes.

Lips: Swipe on some tinted lip balm

Not a fan of lipstick? We get it: While lipstick is great for a pop of color, it’s often not so great at mealtime (those lip marks on the wine glass seem inevitable don’t they?) and some can dry out your lips, or look, well, too red.

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Young beauty expert Carly Heitlinger gets it, too. “For someone who’s morning makeup routine lasts a total of three minutes, lipstick seems overdone. It seems too bright on my pale skin. It seems… like I’m trying to hard,” she says. So on her blog, The College Prepster, Carly recommends some lipstick alternatives, such as tinted lip balm. You can pick up a tinted balm at almost any drugstore for under $5, but these are Carly’s favorite brands:

Not only will you avoid numerous bathroom touch ups throughout the night, but your lips have a subtle rosy sheen to invite romance … and they’ll also be moisturized for the dry winter air!

Skin: Dab away under eye circles

Whether you’re a strong believer in foundation or keeping your skin clean as a whistle, pesky under eye circles is a problem that most women are familiar with. Emily Quak from Emily’s Anthology has some great tips for concealing those dark circles beneath your eyes. Her secret? After you’ve moisturized, dab on a liquid concealer with a small sponge. And then, if you have time, a thin layer of facial powder. (Fast forward to second 116 for everything you need to know.)

If you’re not comfortable using multiple products just remember: Do not use powder without a liquid base to hold it on because it will crease beneath your eyes. If you’re in a real rush, stick to just the liquid concealer instead.

Eyes: Go easy with an eyelash curler

If you’re looking to spruce up your normal makeup regimen in just a few seconds, break out that eyelash curler that you never use. Kate Bryan from The Small Things, says its the one tool that boosts her look instantly. Curling your lashes can make your eyes look bigger and more awake. If you’re in the market for a new one (or have never used one before) Kate recommends the Shu Uemera curler ($20, Sephora).

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This simple step will add drama to your regular swipe of mascara, but if you want to forgo the mascara altogether and just use the curler, that’s cool too. Kate suggests quickly heating your curler under a hairdryer before use for a little extra curl, giving you lash volume without the extra goop.

Hair: Refresh yesterday’s curls in seconds

Whether you did your hair yesterday or early in the morning, it’s all too easy to loose volume and bounce in your hair. But the truth is that the trick to natural looking curls that look romantic instead of frizzy is pretty simple: To add extra body right before you head out, Brooke White and Summer Bellessa who call themselves the Girls with Glasses say it’s all in the hair flip. If you flip your hair a couple times and then apply hairspray (they prefer using a $7 bottle of L’oreal Paris Elnett) upside down, you’ll be more than ready for a night out.

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Nails: No time for a manicure? No problem.

If you’re in a hurry, you definitely don’t have time for a full-on fresh manicure. If you’re working with an old manicure, however, you can do a a quickie touch up. On Jessica Quirk’s blog What I Wore, she suggests just painting on a sparkly topcoat to touch up the tips of your nails, and you’ll be ready to go. No manicure at all? Simply clean and trim your nails as usual, and then spend a few second buffing them for shine to give your natural nails an extra health glow. Try Revlon’s Crazy Shine nail buffer ($5.41, Amazon).

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