Young beauty bloggers let Dad narrate their makeup tutorials (VIDEOS)

5 fathers attempt to do voice-over instructions for their daughters’ makeup tutorials … with hilarious results.

Allie Merwin and her father. Allie Merwin | Youtube

There’s a new trend happening in the beauty world right now, but it has nothing to do with cat-eyes or strobing … and everything to do with Dad.

Recently, prominent bloggers have been letting their fathers—who know nothing about the tools or makeup the girls are applying—narrate basic makeup video tutorials, similar to the ones they would usually post on their blogs. The resulting videos are a comical combination: a young woman expertly applying her makeup in front of the camera, while her dad struggles to find the words to explain to viewers what it is that she’s doing every step of the way. It’s being called the “Dad does my voice-over challenge.”

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Besides the general hilarity that ensues from this duet, the reason these videos are so fun to watch is that the dads are just so sweet. Many think that their daughters don’t need makeup at all, and they pepper the voice-overs with dad-jokes, encouraging words, and oh-so-kind phrases like, “You look amazing!” and “Allie has very nice cheekbones.”

Here are our favorite five videos from the trend so far. (And while the makeup looks in any given tutorial may or may not be your style, there’s guaranteed to be a dad in here who reminds you of your own.)

The Scottish dad

Beauty blogger Kaitlin Emma‘s routine, narrated by her dad’s thick Scottish accent, is laugh-out-loud funny at points.

Most adorable part: When he calls his daughter’s beauty blender tool “a wee pink squishy thing.” (Though, to be fair, most of the dads are befuddled by the beauty blender and resort to just saying “dab, dab, dab.”)

The sarcastic dad

This video featuring Megan from the Youtube channel Meggs and Bacon is narrated by her father’s voice … and has been watched over 2 million times!

Most adorable part: When he sees the word “Naked” in big letters on the cover of an Urban Decay eye shadow palette and lets out a shocked, “Excuse me?!” He goes on to describe the palette as “very expensive, and I only use a couple of [the colors], but don’t tell my dad because it’s kind of a waste.”

The studious dad (who really studied beforehand)

Taylor from the Youtube channel Thataylaa tells viewers that her father wrote down a cheat sheet of beauty terms to help himself feel more prepared before doing this voice-over. His studying paid off! (Well, sort of.)

Most adorable part: When he thinks all of the makeup brushes she owns were purchased from Home Depot.

The jokester dad

This British duo of young beauty blogger Sophie Adler and her dad made us chuckle from start to finish.

Most adorable part: He has a quip for everything—the eyeshadow palette is a box of chocolates that’s been microwaved, the fan brush is made from cow’s eyelashes—and he reminds viewers you should always do both sides of your face, not just one.

The super supportive dad

Allie Merwin‘s gives her dad, Dave, a pointer for his narration before this video tutorial starts: “Be more chipper” she urges. While his voice stays quiet through much of the video, the sweet, loving, and funny things he says are all worth listening to.

Most adorable part: He can’t help complimenting his daughter’s natural beauty on every step, saying things like, “she looks radiant” and “this takes an already perfect face and makes it … slightly more orange?”

All in all, this trendy exercise seems to be providing fathers and daughters everywhere a pretty fun bonding moment—and we think that’s more beautiful than any makeup routine ever.

What words of wisdom would you give your daughter (or any young girl) during her makeup routine? Tell us in the comments below!

Natalie van der Meer
Natalie van der Meer
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