5 modern but modest fashion bloggers to follow immediately

Timeless style from the smartest fashionistas on the internet. You’re going to love these ladies!

From left to right: Daphné Moreau from Mode and the City, Cathy Anderson from Poor Little It Girl, Liz Roy from Downtown Demure. Daphnemodeandthecity | Instagram, Poorlittleitgirl | Instagram, Downtowndemure | Instagram

In a society obsessed with the newest fashion trends—which often involve less and less clothing—it’s difficult to find flattering, feminine fashion without being overly sexed-up … and still feel like you’re living in the 21st century. But these five genius fashion bloggers can help: They know how to encapsulate chic classic style while still keeping up with the times. Whether you’re searching for a look for your next casual coffee date, work day, or a more formal affair, these five fashionable ladies have got you covered.

Downtown Demure

Liz Roy lives out her Christian faith as well as her love for fashion through her “modern modest fashion blog” called Downtown Demure. Liz has devoted her blog to showing that modest doesn’t have to mean frumpy like some people may think. Plus, she has vowed to ditch fast fashion in favor of ethically sourced and fair trade products.

Why we adore her style: We love the way Liz creates a vintage-but-modern feminine style blend. Her pairings of classically flattering cuts and clean lines are darling (note how she accentuates her waist in the outfits above without clingy fabrics), and her shirts typically have sleeves (which feels like a rarity in women’s fashion today). But she knows how to keep every outfit fresh with a splash of bold color, a great leather bag, or a fantastic work shoe.

Mode and the City

Daphné Moreau’s blog is great if you’re looking to add a hint of French flare to your everyday wardrobe. Although she’s not specifically branded as a modest fashion blogger, Daphné’s Parisian-inspired style is timelessly classy. Though most of her blog is in French (c’est la vie!), you don’t have to speak a different language to understand her outfit suggestions. That said, don’t be afraid to hit that google translate button.

{ On the blog now ✨❤ (lien dans ma bio pour les détails de ce look) #DaphnesOutfits | 📸 : @emiliebrunette }

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Why we adore her style: Daphné’s photos all possess that je ne sais quoi magic that will inspire you to express yourself with your clothing. Something about her outfits quietly and firmly say, “this is me in my element.” In the photo above, she effortlessly mixes a patterned top with soft brown elements (the skirt, shoes and hat), and then makes the look stand out with a cheery red drawstring bag and chunky earrings. And, hey, it doesn’t hurt to have the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower in the background, does it?

A Sequin Love Affair

Shira Rose is a part-time social worker, part-time style blogger based in New York City. As her blog title of A Sequin Love Affair implies, she’s a self-proclaimed sequin-lover with a passion for unique and modest fashion. Shira is also a huge proponent of body positivity and uses her blog to encourage women to appreciate themselves no matter their shape or size.

Why we adore her style: She’s not afraid to add a little glamour and fun into her evening looks, but the best part is really that her outfits and advice encourage you to be happy in your own skin: Wear colors that make you smile, and wear cuts that make you feel confident (not exposed or uncomfortable). Shira is also an expert when it comes to joyful accessorizing—her clutch, jewelry, and shoes all work to tie the outfit together in fun ways.

Poor Little It Girl

Cathy Anderson focuses her Poor Little It Girl blog on affordable fashion, especially for petite women. Cathy’s style uses a lot of bright colors and unique patterns to get you thinking outside the box without breaking the bank. Her outfits are cute and bright and filled with plenty of cozy ideas for winter weather!

Why we adore her style: Casual, cute and comfortable is the name of Cathy’s game. She layers clothing beautifully for very put-together outfits in the colder months—and though chic, the ensembles are never boring. And she has the weekend look down pat: The fun flats, retro sunglasses, unadorned jeans, and stripey top give this outfit a relaxed look that’s still styled and playful. Throw on a blanket scarf, and this ensemble is simple, but still a showstopper.

The Freckled Fox

While also a fitness, food, and hair tutorial genius (fair warning: her luscious red locks will make you jealous!), Emily Meyers has practical-chic mom style worth emulating on her blog, The Freckled Fox. The 26-year-old mother of five from Idaho loves sharing her family life through her blog, and she hopes to give readers a little positivity (and down-to-earth fashion and beauty) with each post.

Why we adore her style: It’s the definition of cool-mom fashion that really functions well for everyday life with little ones. She even shows you how to look effortlessly gorgeous in rain boots on muddy days. And while you’re visiting her site, you definitely need to try out her hair styling tricks: This soft twist-wrapped bun step-by-step tutorial is easy to follow, and makes your hair look full and feminine for a casual brunch or a nighttime soiree.

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