The 10 most ‘Aww’-worthy zoo photos from 2017’s #CuteAnimalTweetOff

Need a happiness boost? Click no further.

Animals from the Columbus Zoo. @columbusZoo | Twitter

Did you know that just looking at something cute on your screen for a few minutes a day can reduce stress and increase productivity? Well, according to a Hiroshima University study, it can. And right about now—after a week full of politics, walls and marches—we think everyone could use a little mental breather in the form of cuteness. And zoos across America have come together to answer our prayers in the form of a tweet-off of their cutest animals, from Tulsa to the Bronx.

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So take a minute on your lunch break today, breathe deeply, and remember the good, majestic things in this world: like our animal friends. (Because they, too, need our attention, love and protection.) And as you scroll through seals, and tigers, and panda bears, all you need to do is smile big and say, “Oh my!”

1. The Tulsa Zoo’s baby jaguar, Babette

2. The National Zoo’s baby seal pup (born Jan 21)

3. The Columbus Zoo’s leopard and puppy bffs

4. The Virginia Aquarium’s seal, Rudder

5. The Chester Zoo’s Red Panda (plays peekaboo)

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6. The Cleveland Zoo’s leopard, Sameera (loves bubble baths)

7. The Miami Zoo’s giraffes

8. The Bronx Zoo’s baby tigers

9. The Queens Zoo’s deer (the world’s smallest!)

10. The Cincinnati Zoo’s baby ocelot, Santos (wants to lick your face)

Yes, maybe we promised you 10 tweets … but here’s a bonus for the monkey lovers out there … because we just can’t stop.

BONUS: The National Zoo’s Baby orangutan infant, Redd


Natalie van der Meer
Natalie van der Meer
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