Amy Grant’s daughter undergoes surgery in the name of ‘friendship’

Would you give a friend a body part? 27-year-old Millie Chapman shows us real sacrifice.

Amy Grant and her daughter Millie Chapman. Jenny Gill | Facebook

Most of us are familiar with what it means to sacrifice in the name of friendship. Whether it’s lending a sympathetic ear, making their family dinner after a new baby comes, or treating a pal to a latte, the union of friendship inevitably involves giving of ourselves. Sing-songwriter Amy Grant’s daughter, however, has given the sacrificial side of friendship an entirely new meaning by giving up part of her body.

Grant’s daughter, 27-year-old Nashville resident Millie Chapman, underwent surgery this week to have one of her kidneys removed. Her lifelong friend, Kathryn Dudley, was experiencing kidney failure. “I was diagnosed with FSGS (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis) at 13,” Dudley told WKNR News 2. “The parts of the kidneys, the tubes, they scar, so I basically just … have little tiny rocks for kidneys. They don’t work.”

Amy Grant on stage at Georgia Music Hall Of Fame Awards, September 2015, Atlanta. Paras Griffin | Getty | AFP

Chapman was at a baseball game when she received the frightening news from Dudley via text that her kidneys were failing. Amazingly, she didn’t even hesitate before offering to donate her own organ. “Take mine,” she responded. “I have two, you need one.”

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Shortly thereafter, both women were tested and miraculously, their blood types were a match. Adorably, Dudley stated, “Turns out we’re not just best friends, but our antibodies are, too.”

When it came time for the transplant to take place, it was a wonderful success. Grant stayed at the hospital, barely leaving her daughter’s side through the whole ordeal. In a Facebook post, the proud mama wrote, “We are so proud of Millie’s selfless act of friendship and are grateful that both girls are doing well after yesterday’s surgeries.”

Millie’s father, singer-songwriter Gary Chapman, also praised his daughter’s courage via Facebook, posting, “Millie is out of surgery and everything is looking good. She’ll be hurting for awhile but healing is underway. Kat is in recovery as well. Thank you all for your prayers and kindness.” Beautifully, the grateful dad added, “God is good.”

Friendships can often be difficult to sustain in a fast paced society that seems to emphasize an “every man (or woman) for himself,” kind of attitude. Although not all of us are called to donate an organ to a friend, Millie Chapman’s beautiful act of generosity reminds us that we’re all capable of taking the time to give of ourselves, simply in the name of friendship.

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