These adorable Instagram triplets will melt your heart (PHOTOS)

Ready to brood over the three cutest babies ever? Just scroll down.

Triplets: Bailey, Beau and Brooke Coursey. truly_triplets | Instagram

There’s nothing more exciting than going for an ultrasound and seeing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Now imagine the shock when doctors spot not one, not two, but three little hearts beating away, and those 12 little limbs kicking and punching in such synchronization, forming a bond that will last a lifetime.

This truly unexpected miracle happened to Karae Coursey and her husband from Pennsylvania, already parents to their son Kanon, who is now nearly five—Coursey (a twin herself) explained how her husband “nearly fainted” at the news that he would have triplets: Bailey, Beau, and Brook (now five months old).

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But perhaps an even bigger miracle is how Coursey has managed to document her adorable triplets’ first few months on her Instagram account, Truly Triplets. It’s hard to imagine how she’s found the time between diaper changes and feedings to capture her gorgeous little bambinos on camera in matching outfits with impeccably groomed hair—but we’re so very grateful that she has!

Along with the glorious pics, Coursey offers sound advice to moms of multiple births (that could also be applied to any parent, really): encouraging them “to accept help from family during this ‘overwhelming’ time and to make an effort to get out of the house occasionally.”

She also tells moms not to beat themselves up if breastfeeding isn’t working out: “Preemies are not good nursers, and it would tire them out. Once I started them on formula there was a weight that was lifted, I wasn’t so anxious about feedings.”

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So prepare yourselves for cuteness overload, especially when big brother Kanon makes an appearance, and welcome to, as Coursey describes, the “organized chaos” that is their family life:

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