Adamant counting toddler won’t believe that ‘4’ comes before ‘5’ (VIDEO)

“It’s 1, 2, 3, 5,” insists Aaliyah. And she won’t back down … Someone sign this little lady up for the preschool debate team!

If you want to see stubbornness at its most adorable, this video knocks it out of the park. As too-cute little Aaliyah and her dad stroll outside in the sunlight, they are engaged in a heated debate over the order of the numbers one through five. The toddler is under the innocent impression that the number four has no place in the sequence as her patient but exasperated dad, Rob, tries to convince her otherwise. After all, as a teacher, it’s a concept he’s probably not used to facing so much resistance to.

But any parent just has to laugh because, at two years old, Aaliyah is so confident in her knowledge of the world—a know-it-all phase of growing up that most kids don’t enter for another five or so years. Clearly, her parents are going to have their hands full with this beautiful, headstrong little lady. And they’re going to love every second of it (despite all the other lengthy debates we can see in their future).

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The memorable climax of this video occurs toward the end of the video when Aaliyah’s mom, Nailah Ellis-Brown, the CEO of Ellis Island Tropical Tea joins in, and finally finds a logical way to end the argument loop: She asks Aaliyah to count to the number four instead of five. In doing so, the child’s mind is blown as she comes to accept the number’s existence. That’s the beauty of dual parenting in a nut shell: After butting heads with dad, you can always turn to mom for a little perspective, and vice versa.

Elizabeth Pardi
Elizabeth Pardi
Elizabeth Pardi is a New York-born, Virginia-raised, Ohio-dwelling freelancer. She spends her days laughing, learning and running her way through life with her superstar spouse and their charmingly passionate one-year-old.

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