6 fun crafts & activities to do with your children during Lent

Little crafts, readings, short prayers, giant coloring posters and other suggestions to help your children experience the season with you.

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Your kiddos may know all about the escape from Egypt or the forty days in the desert and why we fast, but for many children, Lent simply signals the countdown to bags of jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, and fun activities like an Easter egg hunt. But what if you want your children to experience a little more spirituality in the next forty days (outside of CCD)? Our editors came up with great ideas to help you guide them through the coming weeks.

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These suggestions encourage reflection, prayer, kindness, and creativity as your little ones engage with their faith during this holy season.


Felt fun: If you’re crafty, use this expertly hand-crafted 40 day Lenten calendar as inspiration for creating your own biblical scenes to illustrate the season while counting down the days:

Or download this digital pattern ($10) to help your family make your own Lenten advent calendar:


Printable book of crafts and activities

From creative planters to cute animal crafts, this Family Activities printable book has a full variety of daily to-dos for Lent and Easter that can inspire you, and keep the kids engaged during lent ($5, Etsy.com).


Daily lent cards for kids

A deck of 40 cards with small sacrifices and activities for kids to participate in for each day of Lent, the company says it provides, “a unique opportunity for your child to develop and exercise his or her spiritual muscles.” 40 days lent cards ($25, Catholic Company)


Coloring projects

Have a big group? Many kids can work on these oversized Lenten posters at once! Set of 9 coloring posters for Lent ($50, Illustrated Childrens Minsitry)

Or, give your little one a smaller book, that you can work on together. An illustrated Lent for Families book ($10, Illustrated Childrens Ministry)



A pretty prayer corner for Lent

Set up a special corner of the room with kids’ own beautiful DIY projects and creations, like the below.

DIY cross wall art (using toilet paper rolls)


A daily act

Create a wonderful box full of ideas for kids (and grownups) to draw daily to spread joy and be kind to others. Let the kids color and decorate with fabric, glitter, and paint. For example “Let the others serve themselves at the table before you, even if you were to pass the dish around yourself.” “Work hard at school, put all your heart into it.” Many small intentions will enable them to live simply and in real terms the message of Jesus during Lent.

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