5 lighthearted family films to watch on Netflix this March

These sweet, funny, and thoughtful movies will make you feel like you’re on a spring vacation.

Oakes Fegley in Pete's Dragon, 2016. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures | MoviestillsDB.com. Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams in Midnight in Paris, 2011. Sony Pictures Classics | MoviestillsDB.com. Ruby Barnhill in The BFG, 2016. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures | MoviestillsDB.com

March has us feeling like it’s time for a spring vacation. The sad news is, it’s not quite time for a spring vacation. As that awkward period between winter and spring when you want to break out the flip flops but the snow hasn’t quite melted yet, finding things to do before the flowers start blooming can be a little tiresome. So while you’re waiting for the sun to come out, take a vacation without leaving the house with these five movies that are coming to Netflix in March.

Kung Fu Panda

Quickly becoming a DreamWorks classic, Kung Fu Panda is a movie that the whole family can enjoy. The hero of this story is Po—the excitable and slightly uncoordinated panda chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy. This movie is the perfect combination of funny and uplifting as Po works to become the kung fu master he was born to be. You can’t go wrong with this light-hearted comedy about kung fu, perseverance, and pandas.

Rating: PG

Viewer Discretion: There are a few fight scenes in which characters do hurt each other (but it’s animated so there’s no gore and everyone seems to recover). The antagonist, Tai Lung, could be frightening for younger viewers with scenes depicting the snow leopard with sharp teeth and glowing eyes.

Best Message: Anyone can be a hero. Po becomes the Dragon Warrior by turning what he thought were his weaknesses into his strengths.


Naledi: A Baby Elephant’s Tale


If documentaries aren’t your thing but cute baby elephants are, then Naledi: A Baby Elephant’s Tale is definitely worth a try. After losing her mother, Naledi (which means “star”) is taken in by a rescue camp and nursed back to health. The film follows her relationship with the men of the camp as she grows up and wins the heart of everyone she meets.

Rating: PG

Viewer Discretion: Some slightly graphic and heart-wrenching scenes, such as when Naledi is born and her mother dies.

Best Message: That beautiful memories come from happenstance and unlikely friendships.


Pete’s Dragon


Wait out the winter with this heart-warming story about a boy and his dragon. An orphaned boy, Pete, lives in the woods until a family finds him and takes him in. However, the family soon discovers that Pete’s best friend, Elliot, is the mysterious dragon that was spotted in the woods many years ago. A film about family, friendship, and love, Pete’s Dragon is the heartfelt story that will leave you wishing you had your own magical friend waiting in the woods.

Rating: PG

Viewer Discretion: There are some mildly violent scenes, such as a car crash and battle scene between the dragon and his hunters.

Best Message: The loving bond between humans and nature—even the fictional—can never be broken.




If you couldn’t find the reason, or the courage, to justify being the only adult in the theater to watch this childhood book brought to life on the big screen, then here’s you chance to stream it in the privacy of your own home. Join Sophie and her friend the Big Friendly Giant for a magical adventure filled with funny words, unfriendly giants, a little whimsy, and a lot of nostalgia. Roald Dahl’s classic tale is a can’t miss for this spring and every other day of the year.

Rating: PG

Viewer Discretion: The unfriendly giants have menacing names, such as Bonecruncher and Fleshlumpeater. And there is a mildly violent scene at the end of the film where the giants are captured and defeated.

Best Message: A good friendship is worth fighting for.


Midnight in Paris


This one is for mom and dad after you send the kiddies off to bed. Gil, a screenwriter who just can’t seem to come up with his next big idea, wanders the streets of Paris at midnight to find that he’s traveled back in time to the jazz age. Hobnobbing with the greats, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Gertrude Stein, Gil finds his inspiration in the dimly lit yet bustling streets of 1920s Paris. A lovely date night option, this movie is great for feeding your wanderlust and possibly peaking your interest in time travel.

Rating: PG-13

Viewer Discretion: Definitely not a movie for the kids, as this film does involve mature content, such as references to alcohol, sex, and prostitution.

Best Message: The past may just be the perfect place to find inspiration—or a history lesson.

Grace Cooper
Grace Cooper
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