4 classic YouTube videos for kids from many, many years ago (VIDEO)

Okay, so the oldest one goes back to 2007, but that’s forever ago on the Internet. Get ready to catch earworm all over again.

The Hamster Dance Song. Kamara666 | Youtube

In our highly digital age, we, along with our children, seem to be constantly encountering videos of some sort on whichever screen is closest. It can be tough for parents to attempt to monitor the content their little ones are exposed to since such a small percentage of digital material is meant for youngsters. Ideally, we’d zero in on videos that we as adults can enjoy along with our kids. If you find yourself in need of some classic videos to amuse yourself and get your kids giggling, look no further than this timeless foursome that will likely be a blast from your past.

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time

A tad on the annoying side? Sure. But this legendary video, with well over 27 million views, is one of those rare gems that provides more entertainment after it’s viewed. The jingle will get stuck in your and your kids’ heads and you’ll all be singing the repetitive lyrics to yourselves. Who wouldn’t prefer that their kids be singing about peanut butter and jelly rather than some of the other topics contained in songs these days?

The Hamster Dance

With a quality that resembles the charm of Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Hamster Dance draws viewers in with its bizarre cuteness. A crowd of cartoon hamsters bopping along to a catchy background jam is probably the last thing you’d think would draw so much attention. The hamster dance rose rapidly to brief popularity, though, and if you witnessed its period of fame, you’ll probably gladly share it with your kiddos. Then, as long as you’re showcasing rodents, head on over to the unforgettable dramatic chipmunk.


Here’s another one of those classics that somehow pulled quite a bit of popularity despite its obscurity. Of course, Raffi performed many numbers throughout his career that listeners loved. Bananaphone, however, is the one that eventually became the basis for a plethora of additional Internet memes.

The Insanity Test

It’s all about the audio element for this one. Somehow, staring at a motionless image of a racecar while some uniquely talented vocalist imitates an engine in the background gets people giggling. Maybe it’s the enthusiasm emitted by the individual making the car noises that gives this one its flare but either way, spend 60 seconds with your child and find out which of you is more insane.

The Internet is chock full of entertaining, memorable classics that we manage to forget about over time. Sometimes it’s the things we least expect from our own pasts that will intrigue our little ones and have us laughing alongside them.

Elizabeth Pardi
Elizabeth Pardi
Elizabeth Pardi is a New York-born, Virginia-raised, Ohio-dwelling freelancer. She spends her days laughing, learning and running her way through life with her superstar spouse and their charmingly passionate one-year-old.

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