10 imperfect moments that made my wedding day even better

When my mom helped me put on my wedding dress … three times. And other bridal mishaps that made my day perfectly unique.

Chloe and Joseph Langr's wedding, January 2017. Photo by Jina Williams Photography

So many brides and grooms are encouraged to do everything possible to make their wedding day ‘perfect.’ But looking back on our wedding (which just happened a short two weeks ago!) I think that it was the unplanned, imperfect moments that I will remember the most. Don’t get me wrong, the moments that happened just like we planned them were beautiful, too. Yet the imperfect and downright funny moments make me smile when I look back on what were easily some of the happiest moments of my life.

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1. The great grape war at our rehearsal dinner

Our rehearsal dinner was laid back and casual. But it didn’t take long before the mischief started. I was talking to some of the groomsmen when I was hit in the side of the head with a grape, aimed at me all the way from the other end of the table. It didn’t take long before my little siblings and some of the wedding party started an all-out grape fight right in the middle of the rehearsal dinner: fruit whizzing through the air at various targets. We got some good laughs out of it though, and picking up discarded grapes gave the little kids something to do while we were decorating for the reception later that evening.

2. Speaking of which … That time we weren’t sure if our reception venue would be decorated

After the rehearsal dinner was our time to start decorating for our wedding reception the next day, but some miscommunication ensued. We had borrowed most of our wedding decorations from an incredibly generous woman I had met on Facebook. She had planned to meet us at the reception location the night before the wedding to help us decorate, but we’d had a miscommunication about the time. We got nervous that she wouldn’t show. But after a quick call, we sorted things out and she turned up with all our decorations in tow, just a little later than we expected. And because of her generosity, our wedding reception ending up being gorgeous.

Cupcakes for Chloe and Joseph’s wedding. Photo by Jina Williams Photography

Detail of the paper table decorations. Photo by Jina Williams Photography

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3. The many times Joseph and I saw each other before the wedding

Joseph and I started out our wedding day with morning mass, breakfast, and an adoration hour together. Because our wedding location was about an hour away, we also drove up to the wedding together before we got ready. We loved how this worked out, and it let us spend more time alone together on the big day than most brides and grooms. But when we got to the church, our wedding party was worried. They thought that we weren’t supposed to see each other at all before the wedding! We assured them that everything was going just as planned. But that little moment of confusion gave us something to laugh about before we started getting ready for the ceremony.

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4. When my mom helped me put on my wedding dress … three times

I knew that I wanted my mom to help me put on my wedding dress. I wasn’t expecting her to have to help me three times! The dress that I had picked out for my wedding didn’t quite cover the corset that I wore underneath. Three attempts later we were finally able to figure out how to arrange the dress and all the under layers. But on the plus side, it gave me and my mom plenty of great photo opportunities with our wedding photographer!


Chloe’s mother helps her put on her wedding dress. Photo by Jina Williams Photography

Chloe getting ready for the ceremony with the help of her mother. Photo by Jina Williams Photography

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5. Before the ceremony, I finished getting ready much earlier than expected

I have short hair and I had already chosen not to wear a lot of makeup. So by the time I arrived at the Church that morning, I knew my bride beauty regime was going to be significantly shorter than the average bride. That said, I didn’t expect it to take just ten minutes. But instead of thinking up ways to fill the time before our photographer arrived, I was able to spend quality time with my bridesmaids and sisters and enjoy the last few hours as a single lady with them.

Chloe helping her little sister getting dressed before the ceremony. Photo by Jina Williams Photography

Chloe styling her bridesmaid’s hair. Photo by Jina Williams Photography

6. My quiet time before the wedding was interrupted

Getting married is a big decision, and one that I wanted to enter into with a clear head and calm heart. I snuck away during the last hour before the wedding to a little room in the back of the church to spend time journaling and worshipping. But before long, little knocks and voices were at the door, asking to come in. So instead of journaling the whole time, I spent most of the hour visiting with my littlest brother and sister, listening to their stories about getting ready and their excitement for their jobs as ring bearer and flower girl. Looking back on the day, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend that hour in any other way.

Chloe takes her time and journals before the ceremony. Photo courtesy of Chloe Langr

7. The moment we almost forgot part of our wedding ceremony

Joseph and I had walked through all of our wedding the day before at the rehearsal. But when it came time during the wedding ceremony for our Marian Consecration and gifts to our mothers, we both completely blanked. The wedding party looked around anxiously, trying to figure out whether to sit or stand. We looked over at our priest and he mouthed the words for the next part of the Mass. When we finally caught on to what the next part of the ceremony was, all went smoothly. But we shared a laugh together at forgetting something we had talked about doing at our wedding for over ten months.

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8. The debate over whether our wedding license was signed or not

Joseph and I were on our way to the reception when both of us started to wonder about our wedding license. We’d left it in the sacristy, but had our priest signed it? Or our witnesses? Had they dropped it in the mailbox, or was it still at the church? We swung the car around and started making calls to track down the paper. Our priest didn’t answer his phone, and so in one last attempt, we called our bridesmaids. All was good, everyone had signed the license, and they’d even brought the license back for us to look over and send in ourselves.

9. The moment of realization that our vendor check payments didn’t clear

We had written out check payments to most of our vendors that night, and one of our bridesmaids delivered all of the payments for us. We assumed everything was good to go, until we looked at our bank account over the honeymoon and realized that the bank had accidentally sent us a check book for our savings account instead of the checking account we had requested the checks from. Even though it was a hassle, it gave us a chance to thank them again for helping with everything and let them know that we had an incredible time at the reception.

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10. When we entered our wedding reception a little late

When one of our groomsmen was a bit late the reception, we waited outside the reception hall with the rest of the wedding party. It was a January wedding, so it was a bit chilly. While we waited though, we were able to visit with people as they walked into the shelter house and thank them for coming. It also gave us a great chance to visit with our bridesmaids and groomsmen after all of the stress from the wedding had melted away.

And when your enter a wedding reception with maracas, I’m pretty sure that cancels out any tardiness.

Mr and Mrs! Chloe and Joseph Langr entering the wedding reception late, but with maracas. Photo by Jina Williams Photography


Chloe Mooradian
Chloe Mooradian
Chloe Mooradian is a recent graduate of Washburn University, where she studied history. She loves Pope John Paul II, listening to Ben Rector, and hiking mountain trails. When she's not buried in a stack of books, you'll find her writing on her blog, hanging out with her seven awesome siblings or spending time with her husband, Joseph. Her life goal is to become the patron saint of coffee addicts.

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