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Is monogamy natural or is the bar set too high?

Actress Scarlett Johansson says marriage is too hard to be 'natural,' but she's missing the bigger point.

How not to run the motherhood marathon

Ready? Set? Go! New moms, open your heart and slow down!

Survey unifies women around the world for equal pay

It’s about time! But there's still a little more to be done ...

9 couples reveal when they knew they’d found ‘the one’

From love at first sight, to 'before we event met' these true falling-in-love stories will inspire and charm you.

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A CCD teacher’s top 5 ways to keep teens interested in God

Research shows that the decision to leave the church happens most often between the ages of 10 and 17.

The best kind of prayer is not what you may think

It may be hard and it may seem useless at times, but prayer is necessary for spiritual growth.

Looking for volunteer work? You can cuddle newborn babies

Infants experiencing withdrawal from opioid exposure are successfully being treated with volunteer cuddlers in a new 'CALM' program.

5 must-see movies about the beauty of sacrifice

Now is the perfect time to watch films that inspire us to remember what life and love are all about.

Three-year-old boy melts hearts as he comforts dying baby brother

The simple words this three-year-old spoke to his brother are heartbreaking and beautiful.

10 easy, everyday ways to be more optimistic

Keep your glass half-full with practical advice from doctors, researchers, and optimistic women.

Daylight Saving Time: When, where, and why

Changing the clocks and losing an hour of sleep can feel like a major inconvenience, leaving many people wondering ... why do we do it at all?

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3 magnificent meat-free recipes for March

Need a filling, family-friendly vegetarian meal? You can't go wrong with one of these downright delicious beauties.

Pregnant woman invents “#1 Decent Dude” award to surprise subway rider

A pregnant mom spent months carrying around a secret trophy…

Simple ways to find time for prayer when you’re ‘too busy’

Even if it's sitting in the car for a few minutes before you roll into the garage. It counts.

10 inspiring quotes to celebrate International Women’s Day

Wise words from great women of history that modern women can still find strength in.

6 fun crafts & activities to do with your children during Lent

Little crafts, readings, short prayers, giant coloring posters and other suggestions to help your children experience the season with you.

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Super healthy snacks both kids and moms will love

My kids never fail to drink this seriously tasty smoothie recipe. Plus five fantastic dips.

My secret to being a more patient parent

Some days just finding time to brush my teeth feels like a small miracle. So how can I be patient with a stubborn child? The…

Simple style: Baby slings for new moms, made by mothers

This sling isn't exactly a new invention—but its practical comfort has made a beautiful modern comeback.